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Muni’s on-time performance heading in the wrong direction

Where’s my driver? Unscheduled absences rose to 10.6 percent in August compared to 9.4 percent in July. (Photo by flickr user Saito S.)

Muni’s latest numbers service performance is not looking well. During the past seven months, on-time performance hovered around 60 percent, but August showed that Muni was only 57.2 percent on time.

The new figures by the Municipal Transportation Agency is part of the new performance metrics that debuted on Friday at the transit’s agency’s policy committee. Previous on-time performance figures have been questionable. The Bay Citizen reported that the transit agency had been inflating performance numbers during the past decade.

The new metric will look at on-time performance every month instead of quarterly (three months), and will include all Muni lines instead of a random sampling of Muni lines.

Muni spokesman Paul Rose said absent drivers, old Muni vehicles and an operator shortage contributed to Muni’s poor performance in the month of August. Special events such as the America’s Cup and San Francisco Giants and 49ers games were also the culprit in the low on time number. Some events were held on the same weekend, Rose said.

Unscheduled absences rose to 10.6 percent in August compared to 9.4 percent in July. John Haley, director of Muni operations, said some drivers called in sick because they were denied to take any vacation leave because of a continued operator shortage at the transit agency.

Other new performance measures that Muni officials will focus on include the bunching and gaps of Muni vehicles and percentage of on time departures from terminals.

September is not looking so great either. Rose said on-time performance for this month so far is around 58 percent.

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