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Muni’s new hybrids sputter into service

Muni’s new hybrids sputter into service (via SFBay)

Riders will start seeing new buses on San Francisco streets this week after city and transit officials unveiled Muni’s new fleet of hybrid buses near Pier 48. The 62 new biodiesel-electric hybrid buses will help replace Muni’s aging fleet of motor coaches, which have been service for more than…

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Revamped Muni lines show little improvement

Muni officials will make service improvements in the coming months on the 10-Townsend. The bus route is known for crowding issues, vehicle breakdowns and restroom availability for drivers. (Photo courtesy SFMTA)

Underperforming Muni lines showed some improvements in on-time performance after transit officials changed scheduling, increased service during peak times and eliminating bus stops.

The Municipal Transportation Agency has focused efforts on improving problematic Muni lines such as the 28-19th Avenue, 28L-19th Avenue, 14-Mission, 14L-Mission, 29-Sunset, 44 O’Shaughnessy, L-Taraval and now the 10-Townsend.

Despite the changes, improvements have been incremental. For example, before officials eliminated bus stops on the 28L-19th Avenue and redistributing running time on the 28-19th Avenue, on-time performance was at 62 percent. Now its at 64 percent.

The  44 O’Shaughnessy saw the most improvement in on-time performance from 62 percent to 72 percent. Transit officials increased running time, added buses to the route and removed parking on Rosseau Street on the 44 bus route.

Take a look at the results from Muni:

(Photo courtesy SFMTA)
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Remember SFPD taking a Muni bus to Occupy SF?

Photo by @tomprice.

I forgot to mention, but this was brought up at Monday’s San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency board of director’s meeting. You might recall last month that there were rumors flying around that SFPD was going to dismantle Occupy SF encampment at Justin Herman Plaza. This photo was snapped with what appeared to be a jam-packed Muni bus with officers on board heading to the encampment. I believe it was later said this for a training.

Well Director Joél Ramos had asked if the agency was reimbursed or able to bill SFPD for using their buses and the answer was a no. The agency gets billed by the police department when they come out for any Muni-related incidents also known as work orders. But this time around, it does not look like the transit agency was able to return the favor.

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Highlights from 10/18/11 SFMTA meeting

Supervisor David Campos speaks during public comment at the SFMTA meeting in support of free Fast Passes for youth. (Photo by Jerold Chinn)

Free Muni youth Fast Passes
The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s board of directors are in favor of a program to give out free Muni fast passes for youth, but it will come at a cost. The agency’s Chief Financial Officer Sonali Bose said it would cost the agency as much $13 million to carry out such a program. That is almost twice as much as the earlier figure from the San Francisco Board of Supervisor’s budget analyst.

The movement for the free passes for youth stems from the San Francisco Unified School District’s own budget problems. In the next two years, the district will be cutting 43 percent of those yellow school buses. Many students and parents spoke at the meeting about the cuts in school transportation and how much it will affect them from getting to and from school and after school activities.

The agency though needs a source of funding. The transit agency faces its own budget deficit for the current fiscal year of $23 million. Supervisors David Campos, John Avalos and Jane Kim spoke at the meeting as well in support of the free Fast Passes and said they will be willing to help the find money. The transit agency’s directors want to find sustainable source of funding and not just start and stop the program.

The agency is looking into the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the San Francisco Transportation County Authority as potential funding sources.

Muni Service Updates
Muni chief Ed Reiskin announced some good news for Muni riders who ride the 28L-19th Avenue, the J-Church line and F-Market line.

The 28L-19th Avenue eliminated stops along its route including the Golden Gate Bridge bus stop. The bus now extends to Fort Mason. The J-Church will come more evenly at nine minutes during peak times. There were complaints from riders that the J-Church came infrequently. The F-Market line, which is usually crowded with tourists, will be adding more vehicles by the end of the month. Muni officials also changed the schedule of the line. It now arrives every five minutes.

It was also announced that part-time drivers will begin work starting next week at the Kirkland Yard. Muni riders might recall that the new labor contract with Muni drivers says that the agency can hire part-time drivers now.

Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit Update
Muni staff announced that the Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit Environmental Impact Statement / Report will come out next month on November 4.

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MTA looking for applicants to replace Ford

SFMTA board chair Tom Nolan speaks to reporters on the search for the next Executive Director. Photo by Jerold Chinn.

A replacement for outgoing SFMTA Executive Director Nathaniel Ford was not announced at Tuesday’s SFMTA Board of Directors meeting, but instead a call for applicants to replace Ford. Board chair Tom Nolan said applicants will have until July 1 to submit an application for the position. Until then, Carter Rohan, deputy executive director, will be the interim executive director until July 22.

It was rumored that Rohan could have been a contender to replace Ford, but he is also leaving agency. Rohan announced his resignation Tuesday morning. SF Streetsblog reports that Rohan was leaving the agency for “personal reasons.”

Nolan was confident that the agency would have a permanent executive directory by July 22. If one is not chosen by then, one of the agency’s directors would step in on a temporary basis, which could include Sustainable Streets Director Bond Yee or Director of Administration Debra Johnson.

Ford leaves at the end of this month.

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