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Muni’s new hybrids sputter into service

Muni’s new hybrids sputter into service (via SFBay)

Riders will start seeing new buses on San Francisco streets this week after city and transit officials unveiled Muni’s new fleet of hybrid buses near Pier 48. The 62 new biodiesel-electric hybrid buses will help replace Muni’s aging fleet of motor coaches, which have been service for more than…

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Hearing to make Nx-Judah permanent

If you love (or hate) the Nx-Judah express bus, you might attend the Dec.6 SFMTA Board of Directors meeting. The transit agency’s directors will consider making the express bus service permanent.

The six-month pilot project, which began back in June, received much praise from many Muni riders who live in the outer Sunset. The bus is a supplement to the already jam-packed N-Judah train, which has about 38,000 daily boardings, according to the transit agency.

The agency has also scheduled another hearing at the same meeting on the F-Market line. Directors will consider increasing service to deal with the overcrowding by increasing the frequency of the F-Market to every five minutes, every day from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

All this is going down at City Hall, Room 400 at 1 p.m. on Dec. 6.  

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14-Mission and 14L-Mission to get service enhancements

Muni officials say expect service improvements for the 14-Mission ad 14L-Mission in the coming months. Photo by Jerold Chinn.

As part of a monthly focus for Muni lines that have difficulty arriving on time, the 14-Mission and its limited service is the focus for Muni officials for this month. You might call it “The Muni line of the month.” Riders might recall changes made the 28-19th Avenue and its limited bus service last month, which was the first line focused by Muni officials.

The 14-Mission and 14L-Mission have combined average ridership of 46,500. Riders know that the line uses the longer 60 ft. trolley buses, which are past their life expectancy, according to John Haley, transit director of operations. Other challenges include double-parked cars and traffic congestion along Mission Street.

There is not much the agency can do about the old transit vehicles. There’s no funding to get new ones, but there are a few traffic-related items that the agency has control over. Transit officials plan to add more parking control officers to deal with the double-parked cars in the transit only lanes. Also, the agency plans to add more cameras outside of its vehicles that would capture license plates of drivers who drive in the transit only lane. This would hopefully discourage drivers from doing it again.

Haley also said that he wants to extend the 14L-Mission to the Daly City BART station in the morning and afternoon peak times. He also wants to get signal priority going along Mission Street. The agency will to receive $20.3 million from the passage of Proposition B in the Nov. 8 election for rolling signal priority.

Just like 28-19th Avenue bus changes, expect these changes to happen sooner than later. Approximately 30 to 60 days. I’m sure the transit agency will make announcement weeks before changes will be officially made.

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Remember SFPD taking a Muni bus to Occupy SF?

Photo by @tomprice.

I forgot to mention, but this was brought up at Monday’s San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency board of director’s meeting. You might recall last month that there were rumors flying around that SFPD was going to dismantle Occupy SF encampment at Justin Herman Plaza. This photo was snapped with what appeared to be a jam-packed Muni bus with officers on board heading to the encampment. I believe it was later said this for a training.

Well Director Joél Ramos had asked if the agency was reimbursed or able to bill SFPD for using their buses and the answer was a no. The agency gets billed by the police department when they come out for any Muni-related incidents also known as work orders. But this time around, it does not look like the transit agency was able to return the favor.

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Muni faces more budget woes for 2013-2014

(Photo by Jerold Chinn)

New budget projections for the 2013-2014 fiscal year released Thursday by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency shows the agency is not looking so great. The transit agency, which operates Muni, projects a $34 million deficit in 2013 and $45 million deficit in 2014.

The transit agency’s board of directors will be exploring several cost-saving ideas along with ideas on increasing revenue for the cash-strapped agency. An increase in cash-single fare for Muni rides is a possible along with charing for Muni transfers for riders that pay with cash.

No decisions are made yet, but these ideas will be part of a discussion at Monday’s transit agency meeting at Fort Mason. Directors will discuss the future budget projections and initiatives and goals they would like to get completed by 2013-2014. One of those goals is improve Muni on-time performance to 77.5 percent in 2012.

The meeting again is on Monday at Fort Mason at 9 a.m. I’ll be there with a report and possibly live tweeting.

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