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Muni’s on-time performance heading in the wrong direction

Where’s my driver? Unscheduled absences rose to 10.6 percent in August compared to 9.4 percent in July. (Photo by flickr user Saito S.)

Muni’s latest numbers service performance is not looking well. During the past seven months, on-time performance hovered around 60 percent, but August showed that Muni was only 57.2 percent on time.

The new figures by the Municipal Transportation Agency is part of the new performance metrics that debuted on Friday at the transit’s agency’s policy committee. Previous on-time performance figures have been questionable. The Bay Citizen reported that the transit agency had been inflating performance numbers during the past decade.

The new metric will look at on-time performance every month instead of quarterly (three months), and will include all Muni lines instead of a random sampling of Muni lines.

Muni spokesman Paul Rose said absent drivers, old Muni vehicles and an operator shortage contributed to Muni’s poor performance in the month of August. Special events such as the America’s Cup and San Francisco Giants and 49ers games were also the culprit in the low on time number. Some events were held on the same weekend, Rose said.

Unscheduled absences rose to 10.6 percent in August compared to 9.4 percent in July. John Haley, director of Muni operations, said some drivers called in sick because they were denied to take any vacation leave because of a continued operator shortage at the transit agency.

Other new performance measures that Muni officials will focus on include the bunching and gaps of Muni vehicles and percentage of on time departures from terminals.

September is not looking so great either. Rose said on-time performance for this month so far is around 58 percent.

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Muni on-time performance still not hitting the mark

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s board of directors will have a lot to discuss at Tuesdays meeting, which includes Muni’s latest on-time performance report released late Friday afternoon.

For the second quarter of the current fiscal year (October to December 2011), Muni reached an on-time performance of 71.7 percent, a slight increase from the 71.1 percent from the first quarter (July to September 2011).

The latest figures fall short of the 85 percent goal established in 1999, which they have yet to meet.

Some good news in the report is that Muni operators absenteeism is down from 13.9 percent 12.2 percent. Muni’s light-rail system showed an increase in on-time performance from 64.1 percent to 76.3 percent.

Related to their service standard reports, the board will consider adding new reports like the average speed of Muni and the percentage of on-time departures from terminals.

The report will up for discussion at the board’s meeting at City Hall at 1 p.m. Room 400. The board will also be taking up its two-year budget proposal and free Muni for low-income youth.

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Topics of discussion at MTA meeting Tuesday: All-door boarding, on-time performance and TEP

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors will reconvene next week on Tuesday to discuss many hot topic Muni issues including on-time performance, all-door boarding and the Transit Effectiveness Project.

Last week Muni officials released their on-time performance report card which showed no significant improvement to the overall performance of Muni buses and light-rail vehicles. The performance scorecard reflected the last six months of the 2010-2011 fiscal year, which ended on June 30. A presentation and discussion of the report at Tuesdays meeting.

Another issue discussed among Muni officials for several months is all-door boarding. Now that Muni vehicles are equipped with the Clipper Card reader in the front and rear doors, it would make sense to have all-door boarding on Muni buses. Currently, signs have prohibited Muni riders from entering through the rear door (although as we know, some Muni riders still board through the rear). A presentation of the benefits of all-door boarding is set for Tuesdays meeting and an implementation plan if Muni would go all-door boarding. No word on the when part. All-door boarding when help speed up the boarding process (think someone standing in front of the fare box searching for change), which would speed up Muni.

Speaking of speeding up Muni, it sounds that the long-awaited Transit Effectiveness Project has finally has some legs. The MTA has asked Turnstone Consulting to help out with the environmental impact report. The contract amount is $2 million. The project, also known as the TEP, is the first major analysis of the transit system in over 20 years. The plan focuses on creating better networking of the transit system, improving service and reducing transit travel time among other benefits.

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Muni on-time peformance goes down again; MTA to discuss on Tuesday

The MTA board meeting this week will be filled with a number of items that Muni riders will be interested in. Below a are just a few Muni related items that will be discussed and presented to board directors at Tuesday’s meeting at City Hall, Room 400 at 1:00 p.m.:

  • Presentation and discussion of SFMTA system safety and security by Reginald Mason, chief safety officer.
  • Presentation and discussion regarding the Transit Effectiveness Project’s draft implementation strategy by John Haley, transit director of operations.
  • Presentation and discussion of fiscal year 2011 second quarter service standards report by Sonali Bose, chief financial officer.
  • Presentation and discussion regarding a 2010 Proof of Payment Study regarding changes in fare compliance patterns by Sonali Bose, chief financial officer.

Read a summary of the first quarter service standards report for FY 2010-2011. For the second quarter (October to December 2010), it appears on-time performance has gone down again from 72 percent to 71.1 percent.

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Muni’s on-time performance drops again

Source: SFMTA

It’s back to square one for Muni.

On-time performance for the first quarter of the 2010-2011 fiscal year dropped to 72 percent. At the end of the 2009-2010 fiscal year, on-time performance was at 72.5 percent.

It’s most likely no one is surprised that service has dipped again after the agency recorded a 75 percent all time high in third quarter of the 2009-2010 fiscal year. I will attempt to call Muni on Wednesday to find out what exactly caused service to dip again. It appears motor coaches dipped below 70 percent on time and Muni Metro delays last year probably did not help the situation.

Muni is not starting out the New Year with good news as it still faces a $20 million budget deficit and still no plan to restore remaining service cut in May last year.

The transportation agency has another year to achieve the 85 percent goal that is a city charter mandate that was approved by SF voters in 1999. It remains to be seen how confident the agency is this year in reaching the goal.

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