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Increase in rear door boardings on Muni helps cut boarding times


Photo by flickr user Confetti.

Muni riders seem to be getting used to the all-door boarding policy. More and more riders are boarding the back of the buses since the implementation of the policy six months ago, which means less time waiting at bus stops during boarding times.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency says 51 percent of passengers are now boarding the back of the bus. The transit agency surveyed bus stops with at least passengers boarding. It looked at bus routes from its express/shuttle, rapid, community and local, which all showed an increase in rear door boardings.

A six-month report from the transit agency also says that dwell times at bus stops during boardings have decreased because of the increase of rear door boardings. As much as four seconds were saved per stop at bus stops with at least 10 passengers boarding. As many riders know, every second counts when it comes to getting somewhere on time.

Majority of complaints about the policy are mostly related to drivers not opening the back doors, and express riders are still not fond of the policy. Overall, complaints are down since the policy went into effect in July last year.

Muni says the fare evasion rate is down from 4.6 percent (July 2011 through Jan. 2012) to 3.5 percent (July 2012 through Jan. 2013). Muni ramped up its enforcement last year by hiring 11 transit fare inspectors to ensure riders that they will be checked for proof of payment at anytime, on any bus.

Fare inspectors handed out 40,262 citations to riders without proof of payment between July 2012 through Jan. 2013, which is an 87 percent increase (21,476 citations) between July 2011 through Jan. 2012.

The transit agency says it will perform a more comprehensive report, which will include running times for selected routes, a citation and enforcement update and a look at revenue.

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Muni gets ready for all-door boarding

Update 05/07/12: A San Francisco Board of Supervisors committee has forwarded the proposal to the full board on Monday. Supervisors need to change the city’s current transportation code first before all-door boarding is allowed. 

Muni riders will soon to be able to the board the back of Muni buses in just about two months… legally.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s board of directors will be recommending to the Board of Supervisors Tuesday to change the city’s transportation codes to allow Muni riders to board the back of the Muni buses as long as they tag their Clipper Card on the back door or have a paper transfer. (Yes, some Muni riders have been doing this for years now with or without tagging their Clipper Card).

Supervisor David Chiu has already introduced the proposed changes at an earlier board meeting this month. The changes will be heard the board Land Use and Economic Development committee first.

The transit agency said all-door boarding will help speed up boarding times at Muni stops and improve transit service by reducing travel times for riders.

The MTA, which approved it’s two-year budget two weeks ago, included funding for 10 new fare inspectors that will cost the agency $900,000 annually. The transit agency said the new inspectors could bring in as much as $200,000 in fare citations.

Once all-door is implemented on July 1, Ed Reiskin, director of transit, has said numerous times that he does not want to inadvertently tell riders that Muni is free. He said Muni riders should expect to see transit fare inspectors throughout the Muni system.

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