Old Muni vehicles could get a reboot

31 Aug

Muni plans on rehabilitating 80 of its Neoplan buses. (Photo by flickr user Stephen Rees).

A $19 million plan to rehabilitate 80 Muni buses is on the agenda at next week’s Municipal Transportation Agency board meeting. The contract would allow Complete Coach Works to spruce up Muni’s aging 40-foot Neoplan buses (Ex: 28-19th Avenue, 43-Masonic).

Some of the work will include replacing engines, transmissions, suspension system, radiators and brakes. Work will also be done inside and outside the Muni bus, which include a new paint scheme, destination signs and installation of new back doors.

The contractor will rehabilitate about four to eight buses at a time. It could take six to eight weeks to rehabilitate each vehicle depending on the extent of work needed on each vehicle. It could take as much as five years to upgrade all 80 Muni vehicles.

The Federal Transit Administration will provide most of the funding to rehabilitate the Muni vehicles.

The contract will also need an approval from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

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Posted by on August 31, 2012 in MUNI, SFMTA


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